Most people who want a personalised number plate are unsure of how to "spell" their name or the desired word.

Not only are there 5 different types of number plate – each with it's own set of rules, there's a number of different ways to spell certain words and letters.


In short – you need a way to translate words into number plates.

The Number Plate Translator has been created to do just that.


Some letters and numbers are interchangeable (such as 5 and S) and some not. Some characters look alike (such as D and O) and some characters can be duplicated or removed and leave the word intact – the possibilities are endless.

Using a complex algorithm and observing numerous rules and nuances, the Number Plate Translator can translate any word between 2-7 characters in length into posssible number plate combinations.

The Number Plate Translator is constantly being updated and reviewed for accuracy to ensure it provides as many number plate combinations as possible.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback then please refer to our FAQ section or contact us.